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Small businesses

Our small business customers tell us that they, like you, want to portray a professional identity, demonstrate your expertise, stay in touch with customers and suppliers more easily and get found on Google.

Small businesses are increasingly competing with online businesses that don’t have your overheads: Keeping a shop, paying rates & bills, staffing costs etc. Likewise, supermarkets and out-of-town centres are convenient, have everything under one roof and free parking on-site.

A lot of local high streets don’t have easy parking or the convenience of everything being under one roof. However, many small local businesses can’t or don’t want to move out of town; instead they want to stay at the heart of the communities they serve.

Despite this, we’re finding that many of our customers are thriving. Their customers want local services from local people who have expertise in what they make, sell and do.

Why would customers come to you rather than buying online from the comfort of their home or getting something in a supermarket or going to an out of town shopping centre. How do you make customers feel it’s worthwhile to make the effort to come to you?

You have to do all the things local, small businesses have always done but adapted for a world that increasingly does things online.

  • green h provides you with an effective, professional online presence
  • Integrate your website with your social network for effective social media promotion
  • A website that works and looks great on the wide variety of devices your clients might use
  • Enhance engagement with potential and existing clients
  • Use professional e-mail which also reflects your identity or brand
  • Use apps to support you in engaging with your customers and make it convenient for them
  • Sell on-line yourself

By putting these things together, you’ll have an effective online presence. Your business is listed in search results allowing you to engage with new customers and demonstrate your expertise.
Once they know you’re there and have just what they want , make it easy for them to find you; save them a wasted journey by letting them know when you’re open and let them know where they can park or other ways to get to you so there are no nasty surprises. Then they’ll know it’s worth their while to come to you rather than staying at home.

Many small retailers sell on-line as well as in their shop.

All this means you can promote your business better, get new customers through the door and keep customers coming back to you.

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