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A website designed for your business

Are you looking for a website for your business?

Is this your first website? Do you already have a website and want to make changes to it or have it redeveloped? Is your website starting to look dated? Maybe it doesn’t look good on all the different devices your customers might be using? Have you re-branded or does your business have a different focus now? Maybe you’re no longer able to get in touch with your web developer?

If you search on-line for ‘websites for business’, ‘website developer’, ‘website designer’ or something similar, you’ll find pages and pages of results, offering a bewildering amount of different packages and products from all sorts of companies, large and small. (You may even have found us that way.)

green h’s approach is to focus on your business, what it needs and then create a website accordingly.

We treat the work we do with you on your website as a project to achieve specific outcomes for your business.

  1. We take time to understand you and your business
  2. We identify specific functional or operational requirements first
  3. Then we create your website around these requirements
  4. Design follows function incorporating specific ideas and design elements, such as your branding

The websites we create :

  • can be found on-line easily
  • come with security built in, not as an optional extra
  • look professional
  • comply with current regulations
  • look great whatever device your customers use: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
  • convert visits to results

When your site is ready to go live we also help you to make sure it’s submitted to Google’s search correctly. We can show you how to create content and publicise it so it gets found in searches. We can also show you how to use tools to check how people are using it.

We also provide ongoing support to ensure your website continues to support you as a part of your on-line presence and develops and grows as you need it to.

To make your website really work for your business though, all these visits to your website must translate to the specific actions your business needs.

Our approach means that you achieve specific objectives for your business through your on-line presence.

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