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green h creates websites, sets up professional e-mail, helps with social media marketing & engagement and creates apps and systems so you can have an effective online presence and make your business processes more effective.
We work with independent professionals, small businesses and tradespeople .

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A website designed for your business’s needs


green h creates websites to fulfil specific business objectives based on each of our customer’s needs.

Your website is the hub of your on-line presence. For it to work you have to be found online and the visits to your site must achieve the outcomes your business needs.

To do that, your website should:

  • be found online easily
  • come with security built in, not as an optional extra
  • look professional
  • comply with current regulations
  • look great whatever device your customers use: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
  • convert visits to results

Get the specific results your business needs from your website.

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Professional e-mail


e-mail with your business’s name, using your logo or branding, that you can use anywhere.

If your business was called Sam Smith Services you’d have an e-mail address like sam@samsmithservices.com or info@samsmithservices.co.uk rather than samsmith2017@gmail.com or samsmithservices@btinternet.co.uk

Whether you have a website or not. All you need is the domain name.

  • Make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you and for you to stay in touch with them
  • Use your business’s name when communicating
  • Promote your business every time you send an e-mail
  • Your e-mail portrays the same high quality as the rest of your work
  • Reinforce your business’s credibility

Communicate easily, present a professional image and promote yourself, all though a single medium that costs next to nothing to run.

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Icon containing logos for twitter, google+, facebook and linked in indicating social media - green h helps you to set up social media for effective social media marketing and engagement

Promote your business using social media


All businesses have a network. Social media is a great tool for working with that network to make the most of your on-line presence.

Social media is an extremely effective way to promote your business

  • Effective marketing through social media
  • Engage with new and existing customers
  • Make social media, website, e-mail and on-line apps all work together
  • Understand how to deal with the negative side of social media

Use social media to expand your audience, engage with your network and use your on-line presence to its maximum effect.

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Logo of apps, systems, workflows, getting found on-line, financial spreadsheets, saving time, demonstrating expertise growing your business and having direction - green h provides apps and systems


Workplace efficiency and applications


Your business is successful because you do things better than others who provide the same products & services or you’re doing something that no-one else is.

We look at how you do things not just what you do.

That way we can help you to:

  • identify where you can save time
  • decide how you can save money
  • do more of the good things you do
  • address the things that aren’t being done so well
  • move your business in the direction you want it to go.

That means you can make some parts of the way you work – your workflows – easier or more efficient and you can provide applications that will help you and your customers

This is just as true of the simplest things as it is to systems that are critical to your success.

Something like document templates to save you time; or applications that speed up mundane jobs so you’re free to do more important things; even critical systems to support the way you work.

These critical systems you need to have in place are your line of business applications. It’s important that these systems work the way you do, rather than you changing the way you work to fit in with an off-the-shelf system.

Think of it as an unfair advantage.

Make your business easier to run, continue to grow and have an unfair advantage.

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Spreadsheet icon on green background with large pound sign - green h can help you to prepare your quarter-end and year-end figures for your accountant

If you have an accountant ….


As a business owner, you are responsible for providing informatiom to Companies House, HMRC, Corporation Tax, VAT and self-assessment.

There are many different approaches to dealing with these responsibilities.
At one end of the spectrum is buying a full accounts or book-keeping package and methodically entering all of your information then submitting all of your returns yourself.
At the other extreme, you might hand over a box of paperwork to your accountant and just pay them to sort it all out of you.
Most businesses are somewhere in between.

Dealing with year-end figures and annual returns can cause a lot of stress and take up a lot of time.
Add to this the threat of fines if you’re late or under pay.
Or you may pay too much? Who wants to pay more tax than they have to? How would you know?
If you have paid too much claiming it back is never easy.
Then there’s deadlines; leaving things to the last minute; having to find information that dates back up to 21 months ago …

We have over a decade of experience of this and are well aware of the problems people face.

We can help you to:

  • have a simple and effective system on paper, on your computer and e-mail
  • use your system regularly on some or all of these
  • get the figures out easily
  • take the stress out of preparing your quarterly or year end figures and get them to your accountant quickly and easily.

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