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Workplace efficiency and automation

At green h we have a different approach to using technology in business than most because we look at your business first and the technology later.

We believe you have to understand how a business works before you can use technology to make it work better.

This approach comes from years of working for and with global technology companies, supplying solutions to some of the largest and best known companies in the world across many market sectors.

So, whilst we’re analysing your business processes and practices to set up an effective on-line presence for you, we also look at how you can save time, save money, do more of the good things you do, address the things that aren’t being done so well and help to move your business in the direction you want it to go.

By approaching things this way we can identify how to automate certain parts of the work you do, to make some of the ways you work – your workflows – easier or more efficient and to create applications that will help you and your customers

This includes a wide range of things.

There are simple things, like:

  • setting up template documents you can use again and again
  • creating spreadsheets to record basic information you need (and showing you how to use them)
  • linking calendars together for different people in different locations
  • your e-mail, computer and paper filing systems, so you can find things easily

There are more complicated things, such as:

  • getting your figures together ready for your accountant or posting to the HMRC
  • sending reminder e-mails or text messages to your customers, to make sure it’s done and save you having to do it every day

There are also things that are fundamental to your business: Your line-of-business applications or the systems you use to run your business.
These are critical and should be set up to support the way you run things rather than you changing to fit in with them:

  • Contact management to stay in touch with your customers
  • Online membership systems to build and reward customer loyalty
  • Booking systems
  • e-commerce to take orders, bookings and payments
  • Apps to make it easier for your customers and suppliers to interact with your business’s processes

After all, the reason any business grows and continues to be successful is because it’s different from the others who provide the same products or services or it’s doing something that no-one else is.

So having applications that embody your way of doing things rather than you changing the way you work to fit in with an off-the-shelf system means that you can keep doing all the things you do well but free up your time and resources to do more of it.

Think of it as an unfair advantage.

Make your business easier to run, continue to grow and have an unfair advantage over your competition.

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