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Independent professionals

Do you provide professional services? Consultancy? Are you an independent health practitioner? An educator? An artist?

Our customers tell us that as an independent professional you want prospective clients to find you, to find out about the services you provide and to get in touch with you.
You’ll also want your time to be as productive as possible and attract new clients.

Our research shows that successful independent professionals portray a professional image and are easily found online by prospective clients, who can then find out about the services you provide and get in touch with you.

You’ll also want your time to be as productive as possible to demonstrate value to your clients and to minimise the time you spend on admin and the day-to-day running of your practice so that you have more time to spend on attracting new clients and more client-focused work.

green h provides you with an effective, professional online presence so potential clients find you online and contact you

  • Integrated website, social networking and social media promotion
  • A website that works on the wide variety of devices your clients might use
  • Enhances engagement with potential and existing clients
  • Professional e-mail reflects your identity or brand

Being online – with a great website and active social media channels – is only a small part of what’s needed; you must also be found online to have a chance of successfully attracting new clients. There’s more though: Visiting your website or engaging with your social media channels must translate to new clients getting in touch with you.

Our approach uses your online presence to achieve specific objectives for your business.

The number of people choosing to be an independent professional and the number of independent practices is increasing rapidly. This means you face more and more competition.
No matter how good you are or how unique your service you still have to sell yourself. This takes time.

green h helps you to have systems in place so your work is easier to do and you spend as little time as possible on running things.

That means your time and energy can be spent on winning new clients and doing client-focused work.

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