The green h icon as a visual represention of our approach in helping independent professionals, small businesses and tradespeople.

Our approach

green h helps small businesses, home-workers and sole-traders by making it easier to run businesses more effectively, win new customers, communicate more effectively and provide a better service.

Get the basics right

You may be based in a shop or an office, or work at your clients’ premises or maybe you’re home-based or a mixture of all of the above.

We’ve found that any business will do better when the fundamentals are set up and working properly.

Once that’s done you have a strong basis to make your business work more even effectively, quickly and more profitably.

The five main areas we concentrate our efforts on are equipping you with:

  • Websites that are business-focused with natural page ranking
  • Professional e-mail, which is secure and includes e-mail at your own domain
  • Social media, set up properly and integrated with your website and e-mail
  • Workplace efficiency based on creating systems or workflows that make it easier to run your business
  • Applications which automate aspects of the work you do and make it easier for your customers engage with you

Change for the better

You may just be starting out or have been in business for a long time. Maybe you can’t keep up with demand. Perhaps you’ve noticed things are slowing down. Are you the leader in your market or constantly fighting off the competition? Regardless of how well or badly things seem to be going, a business of any kind has to grow and adapt or it will die.

“Some businesses plan for growth and change whilst others have it thrust upon them.”

Your online presence and the systems you use to run your business must adapt to change. If they don’t, they will simply hold you back.

We can help you by working with you on your planning. We can advise on how to make positive changes. We can put new things in place. Or we can just be someone to bounce ideas off.

We have experience of working with businesses of all sizes, from global enterprises to large organisations to small and medium companies, and with independent practices, trades people, home-workers and part-time retirees.

Our preference, though, is to work with smaller businesses and within the independent sector.

That’s because these businesses benefit the most from ensuring processes and the systems supporting them are as good as they can be.

If we sound like the type of organisation you’d like to work with click here to get in touch.