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Professional e-mail

e-mail has been around for so long now that it’s taken for granted, even considered old hat.

For the vast majority of businesses, though, it’s still one of the main ways of communicating, especially for important information. So it’s really important to get it right.

Using e-mail is not just an easy way to communicate with your customers, suppliers and the people you work with, though.
If you set up your e-mail properly, it portrays the same high quality as the rest of your work and builds trust and credibility.

Professional email does this using your business’s name and branding.

Professional email starts by using an e-mail address that has your business name in it.

For example, if your business was called Sam Smith Services and you owned the domain name samsmithservices.com or samsmithservices.co.uk your professional e-mail address would be something like sam@samsmithservices.com or info@samsmithservices.co.uk

Clearly, this looks so much more professional than samsmith2017@gmail.com or samsmithservices@btinternet.co.uk

You can set this up whether you have a website or not. All you need is the domain name.

You’ll also want to be able to use your e-mail on any of your devices: your computer, tablet and ‘phone

What we provide

green h will set up secure e-mail at your domain name to allow you to communicate easily. We’ll also set up your e-mail to Include your logo or branding, an e-mail signature with your contact details and an e-mail disclaimer. We’ll make sure it works on all of your devices so you’ll be able to receive and send e-mails anywhere you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

You can also:

  • Combine your e-mail with cloud storage to share large pictures, videos, plans or large documents
  • Send out automatic reminders to customers
  • Give customers advanced notice if you’ll be away

It stands to reason that setting up your business e-mail correctly makes it easy for you to communicate. It also means you are promoting your business and sending a link to your website plus your telephone number and social media details every time you send an e-mail.

So you’ll have easy communication, look professional and promote yourself, using something that costs next to nothing to run.

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